2020 WA State Of Digital Report
Trends, tech and tactics evolve fast.
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The 2020 WA State of Digital report is here.

We surveyed more than 200 key decision-makers in order to develop the most comprehensive snapshot of the state’s digital marketing landscape available today.

  • Are you investing enough and in the right areas?
  • Are you using the right channels and tools?
  • Are you suffering from some significant knowledge gaps?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Are you prepared to handle future digital marketing challenges?

To find out if you’re keeping pace with the changing face of WA digital marketing - download the report now.

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Bernard Chia
At Alyka, we appreciate that the rapid growth of the digital economy is fuelled by the exceptional progress of technology, with new platforms, diagnostic tools and channels emerging faster than ever before.
Bernard Chia
Founder and Managing Director, Alyka

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Keep your finger on the pulse of digital marketing in Western Australia


Investing in digital marketing is almost universal for businesses, with a large increase in small businesses both investing in and outsourcing digital marketing.

Perceived ROI

Perceived ROI from digital marketing is likely to influence businesses decisions to increase spend.

Digital Technologies

Tried and tested digital technologies continue to be regularly used, including social media, email marketing and SEO.

Knowledge Gaps

Although there is a perceived relevance for new digital technologies in the next 5 years, there are many knowledge gaps that require greater education.



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